Round 5; 2015 – Melbourne Storm vs New Zealand Warriors

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Melbourne Storm vs New Zealand Warriors - League By the Fireplace - An NRL PodcastGenerally the Warriors get the upper hand on the Storm. However, after analysing all the matches between these two teams over the Easter break, I have deduced that for the Warriors to beat Melbourne, they need the following to happen:

Limited handling errors: You think the Warriors handling of oval shaped objects would have been better the day after Easter. Unfortunately, the Warriors dropped a lot of ball turning an achievable half time deficit into a comfortable win for Melbourne.

Michael Witt needs to play: Mr. Witt is a thorn in Melbourne’s side, not only taking us one step closer to finals eviction in 2008, but doing so with salt in the Storms open wound. Michael was not out on the field as far as i can tell, unless he got a tan, grew out his beard and Afro and called himself “Koni” after his favorite documentary.

Contain Melbourne’s fastest man: This used to be Billy Slater, unfortunately he has been usurped by Marika Koroibete. Name a faster man than Marika and I will eat my hat (its one of those hats made of Nachos so please tell me one). I’m starting to think Usain Bolt has taken up a career in Rugby league, such is the speed of the man. Come to think of it, have you ever seen Marika and Usain in the same room at the same time? So kudos to Usain Koroibete on his two try effort.

It has to be an important match: Usually the Warriors go up a cog against Melbourne when it means humiliating them on big stages. Alas, this was just another round 5 match, with no instant bearing on the Storms season.

Storm 30 d. Warriors 14

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