Round 3; 2015 – Sydney Roosters vs Penrith Panthers

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Roosters vs PanthersJust over 10,000 fans attended Allianz Stadium on this Monday night fixture for various reasons, but in all likelihood you will only hear about one of them; the redemption of Blake Ferguson.

The media would lead you to believe that all Rugby League fans love a redemption story and while the merits of letting players of questionable morals return to the NRL are debatable, this review is here to give you the cold hard facts on Blake Ferguson’s game:

  • Blake played for 80 minutes
  • Blake made 16 runs for a total of 160+ metres
  • Blake Ferguson was found guilty of indecent assault in December 2013
  • Ferguson only had to make 10 tackles
  • Ferguson made 5 tackle breaks and 3 line breaks, all while making only one error
  • Blake Ferguson is becoming increasingly bald and his hair looks like Heath L’Estrange 2 years ago. In the near future, he will have to make a decision. Either shave his head and go completely bald or continue to grow his hair and have a balding horseshoe cut al a David Barnhill
  • Ferguson scored 2 tries
  • The Penrith team did not give Ferguson consent to score those 2 tries
  • You could say that Ferguson knew that the Panthers didn’t want him to cross the line, but he decided to anyway…twice…without their permission

Blake Ferguson is a talented athlete who has demonstrated questionable behaviour and morals. Should this matter? I’m not here to answer that question. I’m only giving you the facts.

Sydney Roosters 20 d Penrith Panthers 12

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