Round 3; 2015 – Manly Warringah Sea Eagles vs Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs

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Manly Warringah Sea Eagles vs Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs - League by the fireplace - An NRL PodcastLast night we saw a game between two teams which could have been good. Unfortunately it was ruined.

The first thing that ruined this contest was the injuries. Everyone wrote off Manly at the beginning of this year due to the in-house cluster f*ck and departure of their star halves next year. But Daly and Kieran are professionals, they don’t all of a sudden go “fuck it” and strop about for a year; they get on with it. Think about it; when you give notice at your job, your competency level doesn’t change. You just up the level of thievery of the work stationary and continue to do your job. Unfortunately, Foran was injured, as was Lyon, which had all the haters saying “I told you so”, when the fact is, with those two on field, the game changes, potentially in Manly’s favour.

Next was the Refs excessive use of the whistle to pull up every player moving off the mark. I get it. Its breaking the rules, but as Gould said in commentary, it was like watching Dads referee under six’s, letting players replay every indiscretion. Does it really effect the game if the players go a step or two off the mark? Maybe, and if it does, just give a little advantage to the defending side by not blowing offside or off the mark penalties. Next step, disband all rules and let chaos ensue. Insert maniacal laugh.

Lastly, Brookvale Oval was at its worst last night. Can we just bulldoze it and start again? Last year it was a “Shithole” with mud being the prominent feature of the ground. Last night, it had more sand than Manly beach, which caused it to be very heavy under foot and limited the speed of the game. I love the “idea” of Brookvale, offering a fortress for Manly, but in this era of our game where the words “Billions of dollars” is in the vernacular, we can’t have grounds called “shitholes, “sandpits” or anything in between.

Bulldogs 16 d. Sea Eagles 12

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