Round 25; 2014 – Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs vs South Sydney Rabbitohs

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Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs vs South Sydney RabbitohsThere would be no laughing out loud at South Sydney Rabbitohs (dollar signs) tonight.

For how bad Souths played in the first half, Canterbury should have been ahead by at least an arbitrary 12 points. After scoring first and Ennis at his best (more in the niggling department than the hooker department), Souths were in disarray. Alas, the Dogs couldn’t capitalise and even after a recital of the works of Shakespeare by Ennis, the Dogs line broke giving the Bunnies their first try of the night.

I have to say I am a James Graham convert. I really didn’t give this guy much credit, and here’s why: One, he has a tarnished reputation as a cannibal and; Two, I thought he would perish early in his NRL career with ghostly skin like his. But tonights game he showed ghosts can play NRL too with his great defence, and his best asset, his deft passing game. Off some of his silky passing to Perrett, the Dogs were in a position for Ennis to barge over.

Ennis’ nickname needs to change from “The Mennis” to “Ringworm”, as he can get under players skin. He got the Souths attackers, especially Reynolds, scattered and with Bulldogs defence nearly faultless (albeit filled with niggle) Souths struggled. Luckily for the Rabbits, the Dogs attack was not aligned with there quality defence and they never really threatened Souths.

After scratching his skin all night, Reynolds came up with a pass to Lote (minus his predator headdress) to go over and put the Bunnies in the outright lead.¬†And after icing a one pointer, Reynolds was able to head of to the chemist to cream his Ennis fungus while the Rabbitohs placed the “August Premiers” crown back on their heads.

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