Round 25; 2014 – Brisbane Broncos vs St George-Illawarra Dragons

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Broncos vs DragonsI am one of the people that bitch about the Broncos monopoly on Friday night games and generally speaking they can be a chore to watch, especially on delay into NSW with Ray Hadley commentating. With a few of these elements missing it was a quality, entertaining  game filled with less ads and less aggressive divorced guy barking at me.

The stakes were high for this game, both teams needing a W to stay in finals contention and our podcast being on the Dragons fringe 8 bandwagon. After sitting down at 7:30pm and learning the words to the new single by Dami Im (kickbacks), the game finally kicked off at about 10:35pm once David Gyngell got home from Friday night after work drinks, ate half a lobster, had a bath, got in his jim-jams and gave the signal that the game could kick-off (the signal is a giant spotlight with a raised middle finger).

The opening to the game was a cracker with both teams willing to chance their arm with attacking football and trading the opening tries. All the while the Channel 9 commentary team took turns to felate different players mostly Justin Hodges and Jason Nightengale. And then suddenly the Broncos scored three unanswered tries. The Dragons weren’t defensively particularly bad or making too many errors, but the Broncs showed the perfect amount of class at opportune times. As a Raiders fan, I want Ricky Stuart to offer Ben Hunt $3 million dollars in sequential notes, the business licenses to Terry Campese’s Crust franchises and a lap dance from Julie Bishop and/or Bronwyn Bishop if he wishes. He was that good and seems like he’d be a pretty chill guy too. On the other end of the good guy spectrum, as much as a (insert synonym for cunt) as he seems to be, you cannot deny the footballing prowess of Justin Hodges. He just has so much time to run the ball and pick when to throw a pass. It’s like he stole the remote from Academy Award Winning Adam Sandler Movie ‘Click’.

At 24 to 4 at half-time, the Dragons would have to have something special occur to be able to make a second half comeback. And that happened when Matt Gillett went to the sheds for 10 minutes (probably to be assessed for concussion or something…I don’t know why the Bronco’s didn’t replace him…probably just cocky). Joel Thompson decided to enter beast mode and hit a gap like few players can. It takes him 10-12 games to build up to these special moments though, so don’t expect it next week. Beast mode was also entered by Danny De Vidot for the Broncos making about 4,000 tackle breaks to match his 106 dropped balls. The Dragons got within 2 points  and then Gillet re-entered the field and scored the winning points, in a test of the NRL’s new concussion rules, probably.

So we were entertained, David Gyngell was happy his ratings darlings will have an extra game broadcasted and Ray Hadley cried himself to sleep in a cold an lonely bed; a real life affirming night.

Broncos 30 d Dragons 22


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