Round 24; 2014 – Penrith Panther vs Melbourne Storm

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Penrith Panthers vs Melbourne StormA storm brewed over Penrith pre-game. This is just a fact, not some witty pun.

With the storm hitting the area, Penrith locals would have been mistaken in believing they heard thunder at the beginning of the match. They also would have been disappointed to find out it was in fact the sonic boom created by Koroibete as he sped the length of the field after an intercept to score first for the Storm.

The next try went to the longest name in Rugby League, Dallin Watene-Zelezniak. This kid is only 19 and will likely have a NRL career as long as his name if he continues to show the skills in scoring as he did to get Penrith their first 4 pointer. After DWZ’s try and Jamie’s sideline conversion, the game was locked up.

After scoring late in the first half to go ahead by 4 points, the Storm needed a hero in order to move to a lead that was >6 points. That hero never came to their rescue but luckily Ben Roberts was able to step through the Penrith defence to score a nifty 4 pointer.

Billy Slater was the next to score and put the game outside of Penriths grasp. And while Idris scored a late consolation try, Penrith showed that a Segyaro-less team and constant pressure on Soward will break the Moneyball Panthers.

I heard post game that a touchie got some rubbish thrown at him from a Penrith fan. Have the Penrith fans downgraded their weaponry used on Refs from supporters flags to just any old rubbish? Come on Penrith. If you are going to smack the Ref up post match, at least have a bit of respect and hit him with something a little less demeaning then trash. That said, maybe I’m giving too much credit to the quality of Penrith supporters flags.

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