Round 2; 2015 – Manly Warringah Sea Eagles vs Melbourne Storm

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Manly Warringah Sea Eagles vs Melbourne Storm - League by the Fireplace - An NRL PodcastI’ve got a few questions for Billy Slater.

Can you still catch bombs? You’re a fullback, so technically you should be the most proficient at this. Judging by last nights game, it seems this is something you failed to train for in the off season. One thing you did do in the off season is get laser surgery for your poor eye sight. Did the doctor use a Laser Tag gun rather than the usual surgical instrument? You probably need to go ask your doctor (which I can only assume was Dr Nick Riviera… HI EVERYBODY!) for another blast from the laser pointer.

Are you still as fast as you used to be? When you challenge the line, the opposition seem untroubled. Last night, your opposition number Brett Stewart seems to be supporting his players, hitting the advantage line at speed to trouble your defence, even score a try.

Just a quick one for you Billy – Is this a picture of Feleti Mateo:

Feleti Mateo - League by The Fireplace - An NRL Podcast







His arms seem like elastic, offloading at will. If he is allowed to play his style of game for the Eagles, he will destroy teams defence with offloads.

While we’re asking questions, lets ask Tony Archer about what will be the content of his new Vlog after this weekend?  Will the lack of video ref on the Tonumaipea try be up for discussion? Also, Glasbys “No Try” (note the inverted commas) being deemed a double movement? I thought this is why the video ref was brought in? Or am I mistaken, and the real reason it was introduced was to enrage watchers with delays, wrong decisions and overall ineptness. I know coaches can’t question the refs performance, so I will act as Bellamys surrogate and do it for him: It was rubbish. At best.

So there you go Billy. Nothing to hard, right? If you could respond after your laser session at the optometrist, that would be appreciated.

Manly 24 d. Melbourne 22

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