Round 2; 2015 – Canberra Raiders vs New Zealand Warriors

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Canberra Raiders vs New Zealand Warriors - League by the Fireplace - An NRL PodcastIt has been well documented that in the previous three encounters between these two teams that the Warriors put up 50+ points against the Raiders. After a better losing performance and in an unashamed attempt to lure Buzzfeed readers to our site, I have decided to title this article “50 Positive Things About The Raiders Loss To The Warriors”

50. They didn’t get beaten by 50 points

49. They didn’t get beaten by 49 points

48. They didn’t get beaten by 48 points

47 – 13. They didn’t get beaten by 47 to 13 points

12. They only got beaten by 12 points

11. Jonathan Wright was not made to look like a GI Level demi-god










(always round 3 Jono!)

10. Sam Tomkins didn’t get a hat-trick

9. The Raiders look like they have a genuine number 9

8. Reece Robinson had a shocker for the Eels

7. Shaun Johnson didn’t get a hat-trick

6. Blake Austin’s hair










5. Manu didn’t get a hat-trick

4. Ryan Hoffman is probably the best leaper in the game. No shame in your fullback getting out jumped by him










(archival photo of the Ryan Hoffmans)

3. No Warriors player got a hat-trick!

2. No one got their penis grabbed (probably)














(and is that even a positive?)

1. They play the Dragons next week

New Zealand Warriors 18 d. Canberra Raiders 6

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