Round 1; 2015 – Cronulla Sharks vs Canberra Raiders

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Cronulla Sharks vs Canberra RaidersFull disclosure: I am a long time Canberra Raiders fan and member. So in the interests of this review being non-biased and impartial, I have decided to summon my inner David Middleton and only rely on stats to illustrate the result of this game and the recent context of both teams. A few provisos: 1) Maths was never my favourite subject, but many years ago I completed 2-3 units of University level statistics and passed various multiple choice tests. 2) I am drunk.

So without further ado, here are some pertinent figures from the 2 combatants from a sunny Sunday evening at the Remondis flood plain:

– Canberra Raiders Winning Percentage for 2015 = 100%

– Cronulla Sharks Winning Percentage for 2015 = 0%

– Punches landed in Wighton-Feki “fight” = 1/12…..can someone convert that to a percentage?

– Ricky Stuart’s Winning Percentage in last 4 NRL games = 100% = Supercoach

– Bombs dropped by both teams back three = 33.333333333333333333333%

– The need for Shane Flanagan to wear a Groucho Marx mask to attend Remondis Stadium in 2015 = 0%

– Regrets from Flanagan for leaving Auckland Nines Superstar and Origin Bolter Blake Ayshford out of the team = 200%

– Ben Barba failing to find touch = 1

– Ben Barba kicking out on the full = 1

– The number Ben Barba should have on his back = 1 (or 18). This has been a mathematical debate that rages on. My advice to Shane Flanagan; write this on a white board in the hallway of the stadium and see if your surprisingly mathematically talented janitor can figure it out.

– Improvement by the Raiders when new Pommy hooker Josh Hodgson was replaced by Josh McCrone = minus 50%

– Likelihood of the referees given charge of a Cronulla/Canberra game being given the whistle in the Grand Final = 26%

– Likelihood of Sharks fans getting cut about this review = 70%

So those are the hard numbers people…I challenge you to find any mathematical mistakes. As you can extrapolate from these figures it was a close game, with missed opportunities and mistakes from both teams but a glimmer of hope for the rest of the season for both sides (seriously….it’s only round 1, the stats can be skewed, as accurate as they are don’t take them so seriously).

Canberra Raiders 24 d Cronulla Sharks 20


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