Finals Week 3; 2014 – South Sydney Rabbitohs vs Sydney Roosters

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South Sydney Rabbitohs vs Sydney RoostersRabbits fans. Throw away the preliminary finals noose that has choked you for so long and replace it with the much more asphyxiating grand final noose.

Will they choke on the big stage? Based on the showing last night, signs point to no. Last nights performance by the Bunnies would have been reassuring for Rabbitohs fans, even Russell Crowes son wouldn’t object to that.

The good thing about the match was that everyone was angry. The fans were angry at each other for years of rivalry. The players were angry at each other because neither were giving the other an inch. And the Refs were angry for being constantly pestered by barking players.

It wasn’t going to come easy for Souths. After the Roosters went ahead with two tries, it looked like Burgess could start planning his long haul flight back to Bath early. However, the stubbornness of the Rabbitohs persisted beyond their begging for re-entry to the NRL and they were able to bring the game back to level pegging. It was great to see that the veteran in Lote Tuqiri got things back on track. Remember when he used to play union? Yeah, me neither.

All tied up at the break, it was Souths who would go on with the game with a series of tries to lock the Roosters out of the grand final. The week off seemed to be the difference between the two teams. While the Roosters were getting bashed around the park and igniting conspiracy theories galore last week, The Rabbits were chillin’ max at the Burgess residence having toast and tea. Well rested, Souths could continue to dish out the punishment to anyone who was willing to run at their defensive line. Unfortunately for the Roosters, even two late tries weren’t enough to spark a late comeback.

On a side note, I just want to say congrats to Minichiello. He is a great player and will be missed. Oh you thought I meant Anthony? No, I meant Mark. Anthony still owes me a proper drunken handshake before I acknowledge his excellence.

Rabbitohs 32 d. Roosters 22

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