Episode 93 – Hootie and the Fireplace

League By The FireplaceThe podcasters that were fortunately not part of the leaked nudes.

  • Ref Blunders – After another round of controversy surrounding the men in pink, we discuss the benefits and mechanisms of the Captains Challenge and suggest punishments for players little white lies.
  • Bandwagon – The wheels have fallen off our Dragons bandwagon and so another fringe 8 team is needed to hold our hopes onto. Being sadistic, we have chosen…the Eels!
  • Half a Half – Retirement special. In memorium to those glorious souls who donned the 6 or 7 on occasion with limited success (and not always by choice) we salute you.
  • Troll Lols – The comment section of any article is never the best place to find wisdom and insight and listener Hayden has sent in a few examples of commentors who could be either savants, idiot savants or just plain idiots.

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