Episode 91 – High At Being Good at Rugby League

League By The FireplaceWe can confirm we are not following Wayne Bennett to the Broncos.
  •  Half a Half – Soon to be “lost” to the game, it’s future PGA champ and former lock Braith Anasta
  • Bandwagon – The boys across the ditch have suffered defeat, so we need a new team to ride; it’s the boys in red with the easy run, the Dragons.
  • Ball Boys – For not the first time on the show, we discuss the young ancillary club stuff. Should they stay or should they go and is the best solution robots or Freddie Fitler?
  • Ricky Needs Reps – Stuart called out for troops in his press conference so we suggest some options. Some have been under his nose, some are probable and then there’s one for the desperation stakes.

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