Episode 80 – Josh McCrone is Never Washing the Dishes Again

League By The FireplaceThe podcast that makes Brett Tate more frightened than anything in his whole life.

  • I Signed For My Old Club – It’s a washed up Hooker double! A season ending injury to Nathan Peats has the Eels looking for a replacement from the projector overhead.  Meanwhile, in the NSW Cup is a returning Rooster who is younger but just as boring as he looks.
  • Do They Really Suck? – Sometimes a player gets wraps from some sections of the NRL community, but is despised by others. We play prosecution and defence for our first on trial…Josh McCrone.
  • Piggy’s Dream Team – we revisit an article from 2011 where Mark Riddell submits his dream team of drinking buddies, written on strips of bacon and cocktail napkins.
  • LBTF Dictionary – What is the true meaning of Michael Morgan?

Thanks for listening. We’d love to hear from you (suggestions for Do They Really Suck?, Who Should Greenie Go For, countdown songs, LBTF Dictionary, Half a Halfs, Mystery Card guesses and Signed For My Old Club) so contact us here.


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