Episode 68 – Typical NRL, Shat Itself

League By The FireplaceThe season has begun, like crashing glass from a sound effects box.

  • Concussion Rule – Chief Medical Officer Ian Roberts has changed the laws of concussion in the NRL. With this change in the rules, we discuss the potential of 18th man laws including crowd votes and mascots.
  • I Signed for My Old Club – Clint Newton returns to Newcastle and then gets injured. What value can a man with one bicep provide for a club?
  • Whipping Horse – Gus Gould has too many conflicts of interest to fully explore. Promoting the Panthers on Channel 9 and defending said channels poor coverage are just the tip of the iceberg.
  • Fantasy League – This virtual comp throws up too many choices than viable for the average punter. We  give some tips on how to select your team including celebrity omens.
  • Mystery card – Guess the player, win a stubby cooler….as easy as that!

Thanks for listening. We’d love to hear from you (suggestions for countdown songs, LBTF Dictionary ,Half a Halfs, Mystery Card guesses and Signed For My Old Club) so contact us here.


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