Episode 59 – We Are The Winners Of The Loser Cup (aka the Limp Blimp)

League By The Fireplace“I made Ennis’s face into a hat for myself”

  • Conspiracy Theory – Finals edition! The NRL may take some prophylactic action by penalising the Sharks out of the finals. The Cowboys management may also be super smart by faux axing Neil Henry to make the players step up only to re-hire him.
  • Bandwagon – Against our best wishes, a Queensland team has made the 8. It is only fair that we should back the only that team has made it…the Cowboys! Or for the fans of loser teams, you may have an under 20’s team to follow.
  • Banners – The Roosters and the Rabbits have a long history of hate which extends to signs in the crowd. We discuss classic banners, shit banners and potential banners.
  • Loser Cup – Inspired by fantasy league, we think the bottom teams should play off to decide who is the least shit. You have to earn that 9th position!

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