Episode 176 – Fight For Your Right To Spite

League By The Fireplace - An NRL PodcastWe’re not letting Neeves go to the Eels unless Brad Takarangi becomes our butler.

  • Flanagan’s Book Of Feuds – It’s gotta be hard to motivate your team to win back-to-back premierships and in an attempt to rev them up, Shane Flanagan has turned to the oldest trick in the kitbag…spite. After blowing up at Gould and the Panthers, we look at the Sharks next couple of opponents to see what dirt will be dished.
  • A Different NRL Mental Plane – After hearing some players were tripping balls in flotation tanks, we look at some other unique methods Rugby League players should utilise to enhance their mental state.
  • Put A Halfback in the Pack – After seeing John Asiata seamlessly move from a forward to a playmaker, we ponder whether the reverse could be achieved.


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