Episode 173 – Poker Machine Hotel

League By The Fireplace - An NRL PodcastCraig Bellamy ripped up all our show notes, and now we have to improvise.

  • Contract Length- After the Cowboys mega 10 year deal to Jason Taumalolo, we look at what different contract lengths say about the calibre of player. From train-and-trial to glory holes, it runs the whole gamut.
  • I Wanna Be A Fullback – Our latest positional nomination comes from listener Darin and it is…Jack Bird. While not in love with the custodian position, Jack knows that saying you wanna play at the back can bump up your price come contract time.
  • Perils of Being an Away Fan – It’s not always easy going for a team from a different town. From not seeing as many games to not being able to buy well fitting pyjamas, it can be a tortuous time.


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