Episode 172 – NRL Popcorn Concussion Test

League By The Fireplace - An NRL PodcastWorse than a Sam Thaiday “joke”.

  • LBTF Fixes the Wests Tigers – You may not have heard, but the Tigers have been in the news just a little bit in recent times. With the sacking of yet another coach and the board having NFI, the Log Cabin boys propose some ideas to get the joint venture back on track. Warning: There will be blood.
  • Salary Cap Cops – Ian Schubert is long gone but clubs continue to find ways to get around the salary cap. We present our latest evidence to new salary cap auditor and also ask who the fuck is Richard Guardham?
  • Popcorn Concussion Test – With the latest outrage about the HIA rule, we put forward a more sensible and delicious idea to determine if a player is with their mental faculties or not.


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