Episode 170 – License to Roam

League By The Fireplace - An NRL PodcastWhen things get too real, we lock ourselves in the toilets.

  • Gus Gould Has A Podcast – Initially reluctant to take up new medium, Phil Gould has joined with Jame/Jane Bracey to put a podcast out into the world. With questionable audio quality, we look into the possible reasons the Panthers GM has jumped into new media.
  • License to Roam – A common term in the Rugby League vernacular, we look into the phenomenon of coaches giving certain players a license to roam”. How is it earnt, can it be revoked and what do our friends at Google say.
  • I Wanna Be A Fullback –  Our new positional segment is taking the world by storm, and what better proof than that the most recent nomination is from NRL doyen Ray Warren. That player? Gerard Beale.
  • Post NRL Careers – Rugby League can’t last forever and to make a mint post footy you should follow your passion, whether that be mouse ice cubes (mice cubes) or tile grout.


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