Episode 168 – Amy Adams Assisted NRL Predictions

League By The Fireplace - An NRL PodcastWe use our powers of precognition to decipher the upcoming 2017 NRL Season

  • One Pick Tipping – Before the season kicks off you’ve gotta get your smartphone loaded with the best NRL related content and that should include the One Pick Tipping app.  A new and different way to tip,  as the name suggests you only have to nominate one winner per week. Did we mention there’s a $2000 prize on offer?!? Visit www.onepicktipping.com.au or get it from the App Store or Google Play Store. Enter our private comp with the code LBTF17
  • NRL 2017 Season Predictions –  We go through our collective top 8, finalists, premiers and individual awards. There’s a few surprises in there…do we think your team will make it?


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