Episode 141 – Dragons, Dictionaries & Darcy

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Korbin Sims kicked our second ball.

  • Motivation – With a dearth of points, under performing players and Josh McCrone, we have been enlisted to provide some encouragement to the St George-Illawarra Dragons.
  • LBTF Dictionary – We address the over-use of the word “Enforcer” in the Rugby League world.
  • I Signed for My Old Club – Back to Brookvale but not forgotten by his Parramatta teammates on Twitter, it’s the man whose reputation proceeds him, Darcy Lussick.


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2 thoughts on “Episode 141 – Dragons, Dictionaries & Darcy

  1. JayJay

    You keep mentioning the South Sydney hooker McInness. Listening to the podcast, it sounds a lot like. Mick Innis.

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