Episode 130 – Liga por la Chimenea

League By The Fireplace - An NRL PodcastOxycodone doesn’t dull the pain of a finals loss.

  • Conspiracy Theory – We are all led to believe that after another crowd incident that Bulldogs fans are thugs. But scratch below the surface and you’ll discover a hidden truth involving girl bands, pizza and a wealthy puppet-master.
  • Bandwagon – Lobby is fast running out of teams to follow in all grades and competitions. Luckily we still have the Walker Bros and their Ipswich Jets to cheer for in this week’s QRL Grand Final.
  • Darius Droid vs Droid Cordner – Two of the premier robot players in the NRL and  former LBTF guests sit down for a chat with each other before they play in the big Broncos vs Roosters preliminary final.


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