Episode 126 – Hold Me Closer Tiny Rules

League By The Fireplace - An NRL PodcastIf we put our minds to in, we’re sure we could have a successful NFL podcast.

  • Adequate Back – Don’t you love a mature aged rookie? We sure do which is why this week we are featuring Newcastle Knights  all round good bloke Nathan “The Rossdog” Ross.
  • Tiny Rules – As evidenced by everyone’s new favourite sport the NFL, sport is a game of inches (or centimetres?). We knit pick at those little rules that aren’t being enforced but are definitely life or death for a teams season.
  • News Corp – Old Man Rupert is not happy with Dave Smith and the NRL as has released his slander monkeys to do their worst, both in content and journalistic integrity. LBTF won’t stand for that.


We’d love to hear from you (including guesses for the Mystery Card, Adequate Back, Signed For My Old Club or any general NRL or Rugby League Related thought) so contact us here.

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