Episode 124 – Donkey Kong Barrel Throw

League By The Fireplace - An NRL PodcastWe’re solving problems like Valentine Holmes on a Rubick’s Cube.

  • TV Rights – David Gyngell has wrapped his talons around the NRL again, this time until 2022. This means more of the same; inane commentary and the continued existence of the Footy Show. Fox Sports needs to hit back and with 24 hours a day of content to fill, LBTF has a few suggestions.
  • Justin Hodges – The wound-salter has decided to hang up his boots at the end of the year, so what better time to look back to our very 1st episode where we talked about this divisive character.
  • Coaching Carousel – The opening up of the Knights job has got the Rugby League coaching world spinning. We talk about the stud horses and the dud horses with names like Sheens, Brown, Toovey and Unnamed.


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One thought on “Episode 124 – Donkey Kong Barrel Throw

  1. Deano

    Another great episode!
    I am glad you guys have made me aware of Matt Elliott weird ways.
    It has given me plenty of laughs at his antics. My latest laugh is for his
    “The Breakdown” video’s on NRL site.
    Watch first then read on.


    Dragons, Bulldogs or Sea Eagles? Matt looks at who will get the 7th & 8th spots in the Finals..
    With this great title and this awesome analysis you would think that you would get some answers but alas no! At the end Matt just shrugs his shoulders. LOL He is getting paid for this. LOL

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