Episode 113 – Everybody Hates Chris’s

League By The Fireplace - An NRL PodcastJason Taylor doesn’t care how bored you are.

  • LBTF Solves the Chris Sandow Problem – The enigmatic halfback has been blamed for everything including the Eels salary cap situation, 3 wheeled cars and gambling revenue. He’s been dropped to NSW Cup, played out of position and is at a crossroads  in his NRL career. there has to be a place for a footballer with this much talent and “celebrity slaps” may be his best option.
  • Adequate Back – Tigers and NRL fans think this player is old and past it. Yet at 26 years young and as a former Kangaroos rep, some people (Tim Sheens included) think he may have something to offer. Its Chris Lawrence.
  • Potential Positional Changes That Just Might Work- Brad Arthur’s Sandow to fullback experiment may have not yielded the results that were expected, but other maverick positional changes may be more rewarding. Fleet footed forwards to the wing, elite halfback to the scrum and ball hogging forward to the spine are a few examples.


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