Episode 107 – Hunting and NRL Collecting

League By The Fireplace - An NRL PodcastThe real owners of Brent Kite’s old locker.

  • Raiders vs the Storm – All the wash-up from the biggest game on the LBTF calendar.
  • The 18th Man – With the ever evolving concussion laws, it seems an inevitability that teams will need to carry a non-playing reserve. With that in mind, we discuss the selection criteria do teams have to make heading into the future for this important role including; utility value, not being good enough to be in the 17, subsiding on match payments and resisting concussion.
  • NRL Collectables – In this modern age, the trading card should have gone the way of the dodo, but for some reason their popularity continues with some cards attracting eBay bids of $5 or more.  Besides player figurines being a new market, we posit which collectables could also make sweet future coin.
  • Netflix and the NRL – Digital content is the way of the future and with a new player in the streaming market, the NRL need to hop aboard. With this in mind, we pitch a few rugby league related shows to the big boys at Netflix.


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