Season Preview 2017 – Wests Tigers

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Wests TigersJason Taylor has only had his mind half on the job in preparing his Tigers team for the 2017 season. All his other energy has been devoted to coming up with potential excuses should his team fail to make the finals again this year.

  • “With Robbie gone we’ve lost a lot of experience”
  • “We’ve got these young guys (Moses, Brooks et al) all coming off contract at the same time this year, and if I’m honest it has been a distraction”
  • “I wanted to establish defensive stability first and foremost”
  • (after letting in 40+ 2 weeks in a row) “I think we’ve been focusing too much on defence and not letting the young blokes natural attacking flair come to the fore”
  • “The club lost a lot of experience when John Skandalis retired in 2010”
  • “Kevin Naiqama’s ripped body has been creating an overwhelming amount of sexual tension within the dressing room, and if I’m being honest it has been a distraction”
  • “Kevin Naiqama has been on a raw food diet…mostly avocado and raw fish. HE WON”T STOP TALKING ABOUT HOW GOOD CEVICHE IS!!! FFS SHUT UP ABOUT CEVICHE KEV!”
  • “Kevin Naiqama has been doing horrid ceviche farts and if I’m being honest it has been a distraction”
  • “The previous coach and board put the salary cap in a disastrous position. We plan to rectify that by signing a teenager who has played 2 NYC games and has chronic back injuries for $1.3 million”
  • “We honestly thought that when Jamal signed that he would honour his contract past round 10”
  • “Our team can’t afford a defence attorney for Kyle Lovett and I have been spending a lot of time pretending I am his lawyer in the courtroom…if I’m being honest it has been a distraction”

Taylor has also spent a small portion of his time preparing the speech that he would like to deliver after a Tigers grand final win

– “It was the ceviche diet”


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