Season Preview 2017 – South Sydney Rabbitohs

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South Sydney RabbitohsOf course Robbie Farah would sign for Souths. His brother works as a physio there, but more importantly it was at a Rabbitohs Mad Monday celebration where Jason Taylor got ju-jitsued down a set of pub stairs. And the mental image of Taylor’s bruised and beaten face was what got Robbie through 2016.

The Rabbitohs already had two hookers though. Cameron McInnes was soon shafted to the Dragons, the powers that be deciding that his snaggle teeth were not good for the clubs continuing sponsorship with Colgate (irony). That just left Damien Cook. When Madge lied to Cook and told him that the starting hooker spot was still up for grabs, Cook offered to have a beach sprint with Robbie to decide the position. Being a champion beach sprinter as a youngster, Cook liked his chances but he underestimated how much of a prick Robbie was and copped face full of sand as the starting pistol went off. The starting pistol was also a real pistol and the bullets went through a flock of seagulls (the birds, not the band), with avian innards tripping Cook over 10 metres before the finish line. So yeah. Robbie will probably start the year at hooker.

Greg Inglis has spoken of his desire to play the whole season at fullback rather than be chopped and changed into the centres and the halves. One of his goals in 2017 is to also learn basic mathematics and how to count to potato. GI has not commented on the fact that he doesn’t want to play in the centres because he doesn’t want to lose his position to new power-house signing Luke Kelly. Another new outside back Robert Jennings will push for a spot with competition from the Hymen Hunter.

It appears that Four Burgesses are too many. Luke as given the boot two years ago and the ranga brother Joe Burgess has also been given his marching orders. With poor handling by the Burgii plaguing 2016, coach Maguire has banned them from using any sort of lubricant in their home lives. That includes KY Jelly, WD-40 and any cooking oil.

In summary: Expect some chaffed skin, squeaky doors and burnt frypans, but perhaps better ball handling from Souths in 2017.


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