Season Preview 2017 – North Queensland Cowboys

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North Queensland CowboysPaul Green hasn’t had too much to keep him awake at night for the past couple of years. Perennial success at his club was sure to put strain on the roster at some stage and maybe it’s time Greenie gets some good shows queued up on Netflix for those times when his mind just won’t let him catch some zees.

Gone are big boppers James Tamou and Ben Hannant; Tamou to the Panthers and the Polar Bear to sire his 23rd child. But the biggest cause of insomnia will be that the Knights got under his guard and signed one of the most promising players in the comp.

Rory Kostjasyn.

Not only will Rory be missed for his jack of all trades playing style, the only reason Kalyn Ponga also signed for the Knights was to play alongside Kostjasyn once more. At least that’s what Kalyn’s dad told coach Green on one of his daily phone calls. He also told him he needed to be near a sick family member in Newcastle, that the Townsville heat made Kalyn’s acne flare-up and that he needed to move ASAP as Kalyn has developed an irrational fear of irukandji. Here’s a hint; put your phone on plane mode before bed Paul.

It’s not all bad news though. The nucleus of the team is still together and if Paul has trouble entering dreamland he doesn’t have to count sheep, he can count Thurstons, Cootes, Granvilles and Scott Boltons (one of these things is not like the others).

Let the up and coming forwards (Hess, Asiata, Lowe) be your Valium.

Let the flashy backs (Feldt, Mosby-Gela) be your Ambien.

Goodnight sweet prince. Forget about Lolo and the NFL.


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