Season Preview 2017 – Newcastle Knights

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Newcastle KnightsNathan Brown’s job is not only one of the best in the NRL, but also the best job to ever exist since the first ever human services contract was drawn up. Where can you get a job that pays six figures (presumably), you can offer your employers the lowest of expectations, fail to deliver on those low expectations, and still keep your job? Plus, he has access to a free gym, Matt Gidleys backyard pool and an unlimited supply of Henny Penny. Maybe it’s all about the perks for Browny.

Unfortunately, the Knights will need more than a couple of freebies to inspire them to perform this year. The Knights were so far behind the pack last year, they needed some big impact signings to give some hope to the young rookies. Their ‘big’ signings of Buhrer and Kostjayson only carry psudo-rep experience and the loss of Korbin Sims to a bout of Imisswayne-itis, will hurt front row stocks. Perhaps Korbin was imitating his hero Paul Harragon by saying “Im a celebrity, get me out of here”.

The exit of Mullen due to a drugs ban came unexpectedly. Unexpected as they were not illicit drugs he got busted using, as is the preference of many a Newy halfback (I’m looking at you, Ryan Stig). Not unexpected was that he was so desperate to return to the field that he would do almost anything to do so. The loss of Mullen has a silver lining, with the obvious benefits to the club’s salary cap, not having to fork out thousands of dollars on a hamstring that has snapped more times than Daniel Johns’ guitar strings. With Mullen’s ban, hopefully Hodkinson does not crumble under the weight of thousands of Novocastrians praying for the next Andrew Johns in every player that wears the number seven for the Knights.

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