Season Preview 2017 – Manly Warringah Sea Eagles

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Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles“I think fans are in for a pleasant surprise,” he said. “We have purposely been low-key in our approach but there have been players who are exploding at training and who are set for big seasons” – Trent Barrett

An optimistic assessment, but who are these mystery players who are due to explode in 2017? And does he mean literally explode? Because that sounds dangerous.

Matt Parcell? No. Not him. Unless exploding means shipped off to the UK. Probably not a pleasant surprise for fans either seeing the best 9 on their roster given the flick.

Akuila Uate? In certain lighting conditions he kinda looks like Lethal Weapon Era Danny Glover…whose character had a bomb in his toilet. Potentially explosive.

Nate Myles? A few years ago you could definitely describe Myles as explosive. The cleaners at the Crowne Plaza would deficiently use that adjective.

Lewis Brown? Brown as a descriptor for poop? (see: Nate Myles)

Tom Trbojevic? His nickname is Turbo, which I guess involves combustion, and he’s also pretty damn fast. Probably not, Barrett wouldn’t make it that obvious.

Steve Matai? After being dropped from the club the only explosion will be the party poppers let off by the club’s medical staff, realizing they will have 84% less work to do.

Curtis Sironen? If by explosive you mean his phone is blowing up with notifications that his girlfriend has his Twitter password you might be onto something.


So after the above exhaustive summary, who are the players Trent Barrett is talking about?

He’s definitely talking about Blake Green.

And Jonathan Wright…Jonno Wright fans are in for a pleasant surprise.


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