Season Preview 2017 – Gold Coast Titans

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Gold Coast TitansHow good is Jarryd Hayne? He can play NRL. He can Play NFL. He may go play Union. He can play in any position. He hangs out with bikies and doesn’t get reprimanded. He is just the best.

How good is Ash Taylor? He gets booted from his first club. Gets a start in a team after the first string half gets injured and goes on to win rookie of the year. He is only going to get better this season and his partnership with Elgey will be a solid combination. He is just the BEST!

How good is Neil Henry? Last year, his team was tipped for the bottom half of the draw but they made it into the top half. He is a master at taking the offcuts and making the finest of cuisine. HE IS DEFINITELY THE BEST!!

How good is the Titans mascot. His name is Blade. When not mascoting, he is hitting the strip clubs and getting free lappies from all the ladies, ’cause he is bad ass. He invested in bitcoins early and is now a millionaire. He uses that money to support other mascots mental health (mascots have feeling too, you know). He is also training to compete in the Hawaiian iron man, which he has won twice. To say he is the best is an understatement.

How good is the Titans forward pack? Maybe your thinking “Didn’t they lose a bunch of strike power up front in Bird and Shillington”? My response; two words: Agnatius Paasi. RIP. This guy is going to build on a breakout season last year. For those with a penchant for the supercoaching, get him in your team. I don’t care if he takes up your whole cap. He is best.

How good is management of the Titans? Not very, but they still fair better than Parra which makes them OK, I guess. They are not really the best, but for the sake of this article, we’ll say they’re the best.

How good are the Titans premiership chances? The Best.


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