Season Preview 2017 – Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs

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Canterbury Bankstown BulldogsBeing a part of the Bulldogs club must be a bloody nightmare.

Hasler has steered the club into the finals on all season he has coached, even getting the team to two grand finals, alas falling over at the final hurdle. “Not good enough” says the Bulldogs board, striping him of his hyperbaric chamber budget and basically stating if we don’t have NRL rings by the end of the year, we will use your butthole as a premiership ring. So shape up or lube up, Hasler.

The thing which will have most Bulldogs supporters licking their lips is the forward pack. Klemmer has hit the perfect intersect between fitness, size and rage. Kasiano has stripped down his weight in order to fit into his wedding photo, which could see him putting in some more minutes for the team. Graham, as always, is ready to knock some louts head right off chap, and will continue to be one of the best for the Dogs this year.

At this point, the Bulldogs have 4 games without Hopoate due to his prior commitments of kicking the footy in the park with his mate, God. Perhaps the NRL could arrange some sort of Henry VIII, reformation style clause with the Mormons to allow Hopoate to play on Sundays. Surely the NRL king, Todd Greenberg, could whip something up for his old club. That said, he probably has enough on his plate with all the NRL clubs trying to seize power of his Commission throne. Cue the Game of Thrones opening theme music.

A player of interest for this nostalgic writer is Zac Woolford. With Lichaa’s performances last year gaining the ire of fans and even his own players, we may see the spawn of the man called “Germ” get a few minutes over the course of the season. The spread of the Woolford pandemic to the Dogs could be what they need to spark there attack, with this mutation of Woolford said to have talent.


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