Season Preview 2017 – Brisbane Broncos

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Brisbane BroncosBenji Marshal is the man to lead the Broncos into their next era of dominance.

Benji has shown that he can perform on the big stage. His grand final highlight reel is much more flattering than that of the current half in Ben Hunt. Hunt knew this and the pressure become too much, so he needed to find another club where his performance will not be questioned. The exit of Hunt is also the first evidence ever of the Broncos inability to keep players under the cap. This is definitely no relation to the departure of Andrew Gee and his extra special bank account.

James Roberts is now on his 3rd strike of his 14 strike policy. While you can’t coach speed, it seems you also can’t coach normal human behavior. On the field, the prediction from me is he will be the highest try scorer for the Broncos. Off the field, he will rack up the most headlines out of any of the Broncos.

The loss of Maranta hurts the club’s premiership chances. He was the Bi-Lo brand sticky tape that held the Broncos together. His replacement in Mead will do an adequate job but the pressure will be on to match the skill of the man known as the finisher, as per this YouTube video HERE. Good luck Mead, the pressure is ON!

If Hunt fails to perform only playing with one foot in the door, we may get a chance to see Nikorima and Milford link up. The thought of this should give Brisbane fans an erection the size of a Bronco’s. Every time Nikorima dummies, even when watching on my couch at home, I get sold by it. This combined with the already known speed and skill of Milford will have oppositions at sixes and sevens, and also eights.

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