Season Preview 2016 – Parramatta Eels

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Parramatta EelsThe Eels know how to empty a bank account in the quest of making an impression in the NRL history books. More often than not it has been an undesirable entry, but an entry none the less.

This years bank reconciliation may tell a different story, with the recent purchases under the direction of coach Brad Arthur making Parra look like a formidable team. Unfortunately, a prediction of a top 8 finish comes with the caveat of a four competition point head start due to the Eels inability to balance a chequebook. On that note, why does a million dollar entity still use a chequebook?

The highlight of Parramatta’s asset acquisitions is Kieran Foran. Kieran is not your “big play” kind of half back. He is the kind of halfback that halfbacks want to be. Tough in defence, constant over a season and doesn’t feel the need to get pissed and simulate sex with a dog. Kieran will put the Eels back in the black and really earn those get out clauses in his contract.

Beau Scott and Michael Gordon are other share purchases made by the club. Beau Scott brings a certain “I’m going to kill you” attitude that can only come from an ever receding hair line at the age of 31. Michael Gordon, also in his yesteryears, is a risky investment due to the correlation between increasing age and loss of running speed.

Just when you thought there wasn’t any money left, Parra dip into petty cash to purchase a high profile outside back in Michael Jennings. Jennings doesn’t look like a man slowing down. His foray into boom gate testing has spurned him on to remain one of the quality backs in the comp. Jennings, along with the other call-options at Parramatta, will likely be a high return portfolio in 2016.

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