Season Preview 2016 – North Queensland Cowboys

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North Queensland CowboysThe year was 1993. Kurt Cobain was still alive, your mum accidentally ruined your Hypercolor t-shirt in the wash and I was getting a pre-pubescent boner over Jenny Garth from 90210.

It was also the last time that a Rugby League team, the Brisbane Broncos, won back-to-back titles at the top level. In the years to follow and with the salary cap era now well and truly in play, most grand final winning teams find their squad ravaged within a year or two, many players upgraded with their increased profile and often newly acquired representative status. With no international football for the Kangaroos at the end of 2015, the Cowboys may have a distinct advantage over Grand Final winners of the past. What I am saying is that North Queensland will win the comp this year because Kyle Feldt wasn’t picked for national duties.

Look what happened to Souths in 2015. Alex Johnston got a token grand final winning pick into the Kangaroos side only to come back to earth with a thud. It’s not that Kyle Feldt would be an undeserved national player, I just think that with the benefit of scoring 2 or 3 more grand final winning tries he will be more capable of handling the pressure when he does get picked.

The Cowboys have not lost one of their top 17 players from last year. In fact, on a positive note Robert Lui has left the country! The scary thing is, some of their young squad have the potential to become even better; Taumalolo, Morgan, Rory Kostjasyn (ignore that last one). One thing is for certain, Ethan Lowe has reached peak handsomeness…there cannot be any improvement in this aspect. Stay away from Jenny Garth, Ethan. I don’t care if your dad Rob is a famous Hollywood type.

They also have a few old battlers in that Hyena in the Headgear and the Easter Island head prop. First step is to win the World Club Challenge, and then they’ll have a crack at consigning 1993 to history. Besides Paul Green’s Hypercolour tees. He wears them to bed.


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