Season Preview 2016 – Brisbane Broncos

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Brisbane BroncosOne dropped ball.

That was all that prevented the Broncos holding aloft the NRL trophy in 2015. The man who dropped that ball, Ben Hunt, was crucial in getting the Broncos to the G.F and it’s cruel fate that he was the one to end their season. Going into the 2016 season, the half will have a constant stream of Bent Hunt related memes scrolling through his head. No amount of therapy or electro-shock treatment will erase those images. How Hunt responds this year will determine whether he continues his rise or is another victim of 4chan trolls.

The Broncos have made quite a pretty purchase, dipping into their seemingly Scrooge McDuck like coffers in order to snatch James Roberts from Gold Coast Titans. Roberts was a shining light in Gold Coasts “Meh” of a 2015 season. Given greater service from the aforementioned Hunt and the now homesick cured Milford, we may see Roberts use his lightning speed to rack up a bevy of tries for the Broncos. This try scoring frenzy will be an emulation of an ex bronco winger named Steve who also had great speed and scored many trys for the Broncos. Yep, that’s right: Steve Michaels. The resemblance between Michaels and Roberts is uncanny.

Roberts winger partner in Lachlan Maranta is player on the up and up. With his selection for the NRL All Stars, we can only assume this will lead to further representative selections. QLD Maroons, Kangaroos, Super League Exiles, or any other team where Bennett is the coach; there are no limits for this one of a kind winger.

There isn’t much improvement needed for the Broncos this season, except perhaps working on their kick off receptions. However, we may see other suggested rule changes from Wayne Bennett to go along with his suggestion of scrapping Golden Point in order to make attaining a Broncos premiership that little bit easier. The outlawing of kicking off to Ben Hunt perhaps?


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